Welcome to 2023!
Tuesday, 14 February 2023
We certainly have hit the ground running for our first two weeks of school in 2023! 

We have been lucky to share our first weeks of term with our new Headmistress, Mrs Judith Poole. 

Mrs Poole, who was the Head of Abbotsleigh for 12 years, is passionate about educating girls and preparing them for life in this ever-changing world. 

Mrs Poole has already firmly settled into the St Catherine's community, starting from her first assembly in Week 1, when she treated students to a passionate speech about the importance of sharing their gifts and working together. 

Since then, Mrs Poole has been visiting year groups and classes across the school. She also began meeting with Year 12 students for morning tea and having breakfast with our senior school parents.  Mrs Poole has asked all students to say hello whenever they see her around the school. 

It has already been a great start to the school year, and we look forward to many more amazing things to come!