The Induction of Mrs Judith Poole
Friday, 17 February 2023
On Monday 13 February 2023, Mrs Judith Poole was inducted as the 13th Headmistress of St Catherine's School.

The historic service was officiated by The Right Reverend Dr Michael Stead, Bishop of South Sydney, and featured an original composition by Paul Jarman, performed by our Junior and Senior Choir. 

We were especially grateful to the special guests who attended, including Marjorie O'Neill, the member for Coogee, Paula Masselos, the Mayor of Waverley, members of our School Council and Mrs Judith Poole’s family and friends.

In his address, The Bishop of South Sydney shared some special words with our community:

"St Catherine’s – like every school - needs to be a community of love. Mrs Poole, let this shape your leadership of the school. But this challenge is not yours alone, but also for every student and every member of staff. Love one another, as God loves you – giving, forgiving, forever. As Mrs Poole commences as Headmistress, my prayer and hers is that St Catherine’s will be a community defined by love. Paul begins [in 1 Corinthians 13] by describing what it is like when love is absent. Without love, the best words in the world - “speak[ing] in the tongues of men or of angels” – are worthless, nothing more than a “clanging cymbal”. Similarly, without love, the most noble deeds of sacrifice – “giv[ing] all I possess to the poor” – achieve nothing. Clearly, it is possible to say the right words and perform the right actions, but to do so without love."

We look forward to the amazing things to come with Mrs Poole as our Headmistress.